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‘We fight for the people’s welfare and the youth not to die’

HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman M. Hüseyin Yılmaz and party delegation visited the Dicle (Pîran) district of Diyarbakır and listened their problems and troubles.

Stating that the tradesmen live in very serious problematic conditions, Yılmaz said that the people needed social peace and security and added that the politicians are needed who will not waste the blood of the young people and not put them in a conflict environment.

Speaking at a visit to the tradesmen, Yılmaz said, ‘We fight for the nation’s welfare and the youth not to die. As HUDA PAR, our politics is not blood; we built on peace, tranquility and social welfare. We are in an effort to solve our problems politically. The weapon will not bring a solution, it will pour blood in the place where the weapon is. We do not have time to drag the community to the endless adventure.’

‘This people need social peace’

Stating that people were victims of the wrong policies, Yılmaz continued his speech as follows:

‘We all have seen the Sur province of Diyarbakır. In Sur, self-government declaration was made, ditch were excavated, and barricades were set up. Bombs were placed in front of the people’s door. Thousands of people had to leave their homes. Over 7 thousand young people were buried in those ditches. Well, I ask, who caused all these? The reason for this situation is; the state, which condoned the organization to get armed on the pretext of solution process, the other side is the organization that drags young people to an adventure for their own sake. Like the two knives of the scissor. The state from one side and the organization [PKK] from other side have devastated Kurdish people. If we do not want the blood to be spilled; we have to establish peace, tranquility in society right in Islamic frame and justice.’

Yılmaz pointed out that they are candidates to serve for people who have been subjected to years of persecution and to put their hands under the stone until the last minute to substitute the facility and justice in the region. “For this to happen, HUDA PAR must be strong. If HUDA PAR was in the parliament with your support, we could prevent this conflict, the young people who were dragged and killed in the adventure, as a tool, the conflict of the organization and the state.”

‘We said this since the beginning of the solution period…’

Yılmaz continued his words as follows: ‘Since the beginning of the solution period we have said that; this road is not the road. But neither organization [PKK] nor the state did not listen. We said there should be a program based on the religiousness of the young people. We will always continue to be with and to the right. We will stand against the wrong and tell the persecution. When the government is wrong, we say the wrong. We do not deny saying this when the organization is wrong. Our demand is welfare of our nationality that young people do not die. We give this fight.’

After the visitation to tradesmen, Yılmaz then met with the party members and volunteers, stated that as HUDA PAR they left behind in their 4th year, during which time each member from HUDA PAR should do that the accounting to that they have done their duty or not.

HUDA PAR Diyarbakır Provincial Chairman Şeyhmus Tanrıkulu made a brief speech at the seminar after Hüseyin Yılmaz stated that HUDA PAR has brought many new perceptions and politics to the public.

Tanrıkulu, ‘We have been saying for years that the Kurdish issue is different than the PKK’s issue. Some said why do you say so often? Look! What did the government, writers, cartoonists say in the meantime? The PKK issue is different, the Kurdish issue is different. Of course this is the result of the positive opposition we have put forward in this country outside of parliament to reach this nation’s welfare. We are making an Islamic opposition. We do not defame even on our enemies, we don’t lie, and accuse injustly. We see it as a requirement of morality and decency of Islam.’ (ILKHA)

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