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What we need is unity and solidarity’

HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman M. Hüseyin Yılmaz, HUDA PARK GAB [general administrative board] member Abdussamed Yalçın, Diyarbakir Provincial Chairman Şeyhmus Tanrıkulu and Bismil District Head Ali Bilmez met with representatives of NGOs in Bismil.

Speaking after the meal, HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman M. Hüseyin Yılmaz while gave information about the work of the party, evaluated especially those experienced in the region, including in the Islamic geography and the European perspective on the Muslims.

Yılmaz said, ‘We all need what we need as Islamic geography is Wahdat and unity. We uttering it on a variety of platforms. The power of the enemies of Islam is not because their weapons are too strong or the numbers are too large. Likewise the power of the Muslims is also not because of Muslims are small number. Muslims are huge as numbers but our biggest problem and our trouble is that the Muslims are not together and they do not have political alliances. It is because they have lost the wahdat consciousness, the Ummah conscience. This is our weakness. The strong side of our enemies is their ability to come together for their own interests, they have unity and solidarity among them.’

‘The Europeans were seeking ways to get together and they have started to move together’

Stating that the process of formation of the European Union started with the outbreak of the great wars they had lived in the past, Yılmaz said that with this union they were strengthened and established an exploitation order and continued as follows:

‘The establishment of the European Union is a version of the Ummah that we have always wanted and that we have always voiced for a long time. We see that Islam has been so beneficial to us that Islamic enemies are applying them. They are exploiting the rest of the world with this power. They killed more than 60 million people in world wars. Even though this event was in the near future, European people have forgotten their own sufferings, learned from their livelihoods. They did not maintain their revenge for killing so many people. Regarded such an attitude as a wrong practice. They saw it as a disintegrating, dispersing power situation. They started looking for ways to get together and started to move together.’

‘They have broken us as ethnically and sectarian, and exploit us through this fragmentation’

Speaking about Europe’s initiatives towards Islamic geography and about the division of Muslims, Yılmaz said, ‘Europe has ended sectarian wars in itself. In 30-year war in France, lessons have been learned after more than 100 different sects of people killed each other. Europe has learned from it that they have seen that sectarian struggle has harmed their unity. They have come together. They are attempting for us at the point of breaking our unity and coexistence by drawing lessons from the same situation now. Europe is dividing the Islamic geography. Muslims from India to Istanbul could travel to any country without being caught in customs and communicate with each other, but today there are boundaries, walls are built, they divided us as ethnic and sectarian. They have broken up and exploit us through this fragmentation. Now Muslims have to take lessons from all this.’

‘We must seek for ways to provide unity and solidarity’

‘I personally get hope that these kinds of NGO-based different Islamic groups and common platforms come together. So hopefully that someday the Muslims will have the unity we desire.’ Yılmaz, who uses his expressions, said, ‘If everybody presses their governments in their own country for the unity, or against the practices that harm the unity, wahdat at this point inevitably .We sure that if we will do this neither England nor the US will be able to exploit us. Allah may reach us to those days.” (ILKHA)


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